Discover our Screenings at this years Berlinale Series Days:

Mini Series | 8 x 45′ | Mystery Thriller
On an autumn morning on the Finnish island of Utö, the last ferry departs, followed by strange phenomena causing fear and isolation. Electricity and water fail, communication ceases, and the lighthouse malfunctions. The islanders are left stranded, feeling nauseous and terrified.


Mini Series | 6 x 45′ | Drama
A clash between youth groups and the police turns violent, leaving some activists radicalized. The night triggers a battle of generations. The teens keep asking themselves the same questions: What kind of world do I want to live in? And how far am I willing to go for it?

Greetings from Mars

Feature Film | 90′ | Family & Kids
As their mother has to travel for business, Tom and his siblings are sent off to stay with their hippie grandparents in a tiny village. They soon learn that life in the sticks is governed by a completely different set of rules to the ones they follow in their orderly, urban daily lives.