Baltic Crimes

OneGate Media today announces it has secured record-high sales for the hit crime drama Baltic Crimes (19×90’). The international series has been sold across 95 countries including the USA, France, UK, Japan and Spain, reaching millions of viewers worldwide. The series is produced by Tim Gehrke with Razor Film Production and Polyphon Film.

The series centres around mother and daughter investigators, Karin Lossow, a former district attorney who has returned to the island of Usedom after serving a prison sentence, and her daughter Julia Thiel, a Detective Chief Superintendent. Set between both sides of the border, together Karin and Julia investigate criminal cases that take place on the Baltic Island. Amidst their professional work, the series sees Karin and Julia battle with the complexities of their own relationship, following the traumatic murder of Julia’s father, at the hands of Karin.

The intricate plotlines and depth of each character has captivated millions of viewers around the world, tapping into the complex themes of family relationships, crime and justice. The series stars Katrin Sass (Good Bye Lenin!), Max Hopp, (Speed Racer, Who Am I) Rikke Lyllof (Borgen) and Lisa Maria Potthoff (Sarah Kohr).

Sales include Channel 4 and Walter Presents in the UK.

Baltic Crimes sits within OneGate Media’s selection of Crime content, which will presented at MIPCOM later this year.

Tania Reichert-Facilides, Managing Director of OneGate Media GmbH, says “We’re delighted with the incredible response to Baltic Crimes and proud that a German crime series is captivating audiences around the world! There is a huge amount of Crime entertainment on the market right now, but what makes this series unique is its balance of arresting crime cases, with deeply engaging characters and relationships. Baltic Crimes represents the high production value of our expanding crime slate as a whole. It’s been amazing to see the success of the series and we look forward to presenting Baltic Crimes and more content from our slate to more buyers at MIPCOM this year.”

Razor Film Production, Polyphon Film

Katrin Sass, Max Hopp, Rikke Lylloff, Lisa Marie Potthoff, Peter Schneider et al.


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